Happiness Review : July : Money CAN buy you happiness…

So this month we figured out whether money really does buy us happiness? Well in a way it can but for me this month it has been one of the biggest form of stress.

We have lots of demands on our budget and so it’s important that we stick to our budget however this month our budget got very stretched but one thing…

Urgh. If I could live without one then I would but Cornwall is not the most car free friendly place. Limited public transport and wanting to bike and get outdoors means it’s essential really.

Yep. Horrific repair bill later we were pretty decimated on the funds side of things so rather than being able to work with our budget I had to fly by the seat of our pants instead. August is set to be another month of expenses, we are travelling, we are off twice in one month which is always tricky and we have some more car expenses coming up. Never ending really.

I am happy with the goals I set though …

Fine Tune the Budget and Stick to It
Make Needful Purchases
Use the things you pay for
Fundraising Drive

There have been some changes, that’s how it rolls though, we loosely base our budget on a pin I once spotted, I talked about it a while back in my Budget post Money Matters, if you are interested take a look. It’s working for us so far and we are managing our money and our savings far more effectively.

Well, pretty much the only purchase we’ve made is the stupid car repairs but when I think about how valuable our vehicle is to our life and I know then that it’s a worthwhile investment.

When it comes to using things we buy we totally do that. We’ve been trying to get things sorted out so we can use things more effectively and that’s going well, it’s a work in progress I guess.

The fundraising drive is great, I’m now only £137 from my target and I’m so excited about that. I have one race left this year and it’s going back to a place I was so happy in, Cardiff. I spent 4 years of my life living there and loved it so much. Fabulous city. I’m yet to figure out a physical visual savings chart but I’m sure that post it’s will be involved.

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