And the Winner is….

not me! but more about that in a moment….The winners of the snack giveaway are *drum roll please*


You all have email ladies :)

So why am I not winning? First thing, fail scale…


Yesterday was pretty much my last chance to run before starting to rest before the weekend and I had planned a long one but I seriously couldn’t even finish my intervals fully. I sucked. I tried so hard to push on push on and it just wouldn’t come. I even got dizzy at one stage. I finished 3km and had to stop. Right now 5 hours later, my arms and legs are burning.


So I followed on and did some weight training before leaving the gym and again, it sucked! At least the first bit sucked, I tried to dead lift 20kg with the big bar and my left glutes and my left hamstrings cramped up, cue girly stretching in the weights area. I dropped it down to  10kg and finished my reps. So it’s action, weight, reps…


So I’ve finished the first two workouts of the NROLFW and I completely am in love with lifting again. Can’t wait to move on next week but I won’t be able to do a lot because I have a 5k a week after my 10k! After that I have a solid break before I have another race in September so I can get lifting seriously.

3 thoughts on “And the Winner is….

  1. I have been hearing a log about NROLFW. I’m curious why you picked that program? And, if you think it is good for beginners? I’m trying to lose some weight, and have been thinking about adding some lifting. I’m pretty active, but definitely don’t have experience with weights.

    • It’s absolutely the right one for beginners, it’s exactly why I chose it. I’m not following the diet but there are some sound information there and it gave me the confidence to get on and do it. You can start just doing the moves with body weight if you want to. You won’t regret it!

  2. Is it possible you’re coming down with something? Often when I have no energy it’s either a) the start of a virus; b) poor food choices, or c) lack of sleep.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow, and that the scale starts showing you good things.

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