My Final Destination Moment

So The British 10k 2012 was a wet one, apparently. I wouldn’t know and I’ll tell you the tale of why…. just to mention as well only those of you who have seen the dodgy thriller death type film will get the reference to the title of this post. I applaud you by the way, I love those movies in all their terrible cheesy wonderment. I saw the last 2 in 3D.

So. This is the saga of my weekend. On Friday I ran around like a blue assed fly getting the house tidied, the bags packed and everything else that comes with a weekend away racing. Then as the man was sorting the sink out to do the dishes he realised that the sink was backed up. No water draining. Not what we needed, too much to do, ended up having to borrow a plunger and clear out the drain. It took so much time out of our getting ready time and the cat lacerated my finger and the other cat was looking a bit off colour. All in all I was a bit stressed and ended up getting to bed way too late.


Race Day Colours

Saturday morning we took my son to his diving lesson, he chatted a bit with his favourite diver before his session and it got him so excited for the session, he lept off the 1m board (the same height as him!) without any real problem but the 3m board still evades him. He’s the one with his arms and legs out everywhere lol

Then we set off. Plymouth to London is around a 4-5 hour drive with stops, traffic and all that fudge. So we had planned to use the most direct route which is called the A303. It’s pretty much the best way to get up to London from us but as we got off the main road to join that route and immediately hit traffic. Did I mention that the south west has been on severe weather warnings for rain? No? Oh well we were and my god did I see why.

“Puddles” were so deep my brakes were steaming. We ended up hitting unmoving traffic, turning away and heading for the main road, longer but motorways so rain flood clear. As we were getting away it said on the radio that there had been a landslip on the other road we were heading too. To give you an idea about what the road was like look at this video…this is a village we were going to drive near…

We made it up the  M5 as far as south Bristol which is probably usually about 2 hours away, we’d been out there 3 hours at this stage, and were about to join the usual slow down around Bristol when the man proclaimed that the clutch was stuck, then the car stalled, then it wouldn’t go in to gear. It became apparent we were stopping, and what was very apparent was we were in the outside lane of the carriageway and slowing rapidly while the rest of the vehicles behind us were travelling at around 60Mph. So thankfully there was a small layby in the central reservation due to roadworks so the man jumped out, I slid across the seats and he pushed us to the layby. I might add, if you were travelling on the M5 that day and decided to speed around us, close to us, and generally be an ass the F**k you. My child was in that car and we couldn’t help what happened.

So I call roadside assistance, they call the highway patrol and THEY closed the M5 temporarily to allow us to get to the hard shoulder.

 When the roadside people arrived he tried topping up the clutch fluid as apparently the hydrolics had failed. That didn’t work, so we moved the car ready for towing to the nearest stop. Then the problem became very apparent. The fluid for the hydrolics was going straight through the car.

so off when Tallulah 4 on the back of a tow truck :(

We were towed to the next service area which happened to be a very large ASDA car park. Not the most inspiring place to spend nearly 3 hours I can tell you. It was a nightmare due to the amount of the problems on the roads the recovery people were stretched and eventually instead of towing us to another place, they gave us a hire car and just towed our car away.

While we were waiting I saw a tweet from the british 10k, letting me know, that the next major road that we would have to join en route to London was closed due to the elevated section of the road developing a huge fault. It’s a bit scary. For those who don’t know the UK road system, an M road is a major major trunk road. This road below is one of the most busy roads in the UK, it feeds two major airports and London centre. It’s pretty much a huge parking lot at busy times with bumper to bumper traffic.

By this point it was nearly 8pm. I actually cried with the realisation that we weren’t going to make it there before midnight, if at all and if I had to eat, be up at 6am and then in London by 8am there was no point in going. I would end up hurting myself or worse my family were in the car, driving late after a long day is dangerous in itself and I couldn’t forgive myself if something happened to us or we were stuck in the car all night. So we spotted a roadside hotel chain and pulled in, it was packed and it set us back £90 for the nights sleep but we had a room and a bed and food.

I woke in the morning with a text from my lovely sister in law which told me that two people had died on the very road we would have been on at 10.30pm that night. An elderly driver drove the wrong way down a major road and crashed in to someone killing them and himself and leaving his passenger in a critical condition. I dread to think what would have happened if very tired us would have come up against that situation. All in all something somewhere didn’t want me at that race.

I am devastated and am so upset that we didn’t make it but we were all safe, dry, warm, and showered. I actually relaxed after the decision was made to give up. It was the build up to it, the tension in the build up to the decision was agony. Eventually I calmed down and accepted it was over. I’m a tad dramatic at times. I can’t explain it but I was sad about not being able to thrash myself about London. I had trained, worked hard, I was ready. I even had a race t shirt. Now I don’t have a medal or a commemorative t shirt to go with it :( as you had to collect the tee on the day and the medal after the race. Fair enough, I didn’t complete it.

So instead, today we took the boy to the Disney store where he spent his pennies he was going to spend in Hamleys, we had lunch in TGI Fridays and we got moving and driving home. Annoyingly the weather was perfect driving conditions, we made the run in around 2.5 hours and we listened to the Wimbledon final all the way home (insert *sad face* here).

 I’m so sad about it all, but I have a 5k on Sunday, I have another in September, possibly a 10k in November, and many other challenges for me. I’m still raising good amount of money for amazing Leukaemia charities. I’m still lighter than I was last year and I’m still tonnes stronger and healthier. Back to training, back to losing weight, back to reality. I have to say my food decisions have been poor this weekend, the stress and travelling are my excuses and I made bad bad choices. You know what though? Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will rock it. And I’ll try to rock it every other day after that. I’m pissed off by just how much it is but that’s life isn’t it. One day I’ll learn, plus I didn’t gain 4lbs over 2 days, that would mean eating somewhere in the region of 17600 calories. That didn’t happen. I hope I see it drop fairly quickly…so tomorrow what I’m doing about missing it again…


Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts on twitter, instagram and facebook as my drama played out on Saturday. It really did help keep me calm and away from full breakdown!