Catch Up

As part of my accountability promise to you guys right now I’m weighing and posting my weight every day so here is today’s weigh ins from the weekend…

Start of Daily Weighing: 241, yesterdays weigh in 239.6, Weekends…




So I’ve officially hit my goal 2 weeks early BUT I’ve been sick, I’ve had a horrific cold which has meant sitting and lying down a lot, I’ve been stressed out due to some family stress and I’ve had a little tiny appetite which I’ve mostly filled with great, healthy stuff but I feel there will probably be a bounce up at some point when I manage to eat a little more normally.

I’m happy for now though. It feels like this is possible again, like there is a way forward. The 10k is in less than two weeks and I’ve not had a chance to run this last week but I will get on it again. My marathon in a month is a no hope this month but I’m going to keep doing it every month until I make it.

The week in pictures has been a reasonable one I’m WeightWars on Instagram too and if you want to see my day to day there is where to find it! … my boy has had some victories including being named Pupil of the Week  at school and finding a pair of Speedo’s small enough to fit his little waist for diving.


…but yesterday, there was heart break, there was pain, there was fury and there was swear words. There was the Quarter Finals of Euro 2012. There were Penalties and we are England, so naturally we ballsed it up and we are out of the tournament. *sad face*


Tomorrow, UK readers especially keep your eyes on the blog for a giveaway of the foodie kind!

3 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Yay for your son being pupil of the week!!

    My hubby is British and I’m an Italy supporter so you can imagine what it was like at our house during the game!

    Hope you feel better soon and that the numbers continue to move in your favor!

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