Monthly Weigh In & Picture Progress

So it’s come to that time of the month again, the time I’ve been dreading pretty much all month because I know it’s not going to be pretty, I now that I won’t be able to show a loss and I’ll have a red line on my weigh in page.

Because I made bad choices and I’ve only just started getting a hold on those bad choices now. I’ve been pulling myself together over the last number of days and I am starting to see some results, I’m less bloated, my stomach is better,  and I’m feeling less gross and miserable. Other than fracturing my foot my month has actually been pretty reasonably happy but we’ve eaten out a lot and made poor choices and slipped in to old habits.

So over the last week I guess we’ve started to pull ourselves out of the slump, Man and I have been feeling emotionally flat, the emotional shit storm I’m not allowed to talk about has been taking it out of us and also my injury, general tiredness and feeling like we have a tonne to do. We’ve kicked ourselves up the ass though, don’t worry!

So I’m delaying the enevitable

Weight Beginning of May: 235 lbs
Weight Beginning of June: 238 lbs
Difference +3 lbs 

Yep. Less said about that the better. I’ve cried over it, raged over it and been bitterly disappointed in myself but I have to move on because bashing myself over it really doesn’t help things.

So I thought while I was here that I would do some progress pictures too, so this is me at the beginning and now…. I’ve had to change my weigh in top as the pink one was way too big now but I’m not sure I’ll stick with the T Shirt, no collarbone action!


Obviously I always have trouble with seeing the difference and progress I’ve made so I layered the pictures again so that I might have a better idea, and once again it worked :) Dark one is the starting pic and then t shirt is mine.



The man asked for an update on his progress too and with his permission I want to post his pics too, he’s done amazingly well.



I want a green bar next month and I want to be at the lowest weight I’ve been in a long time. I was there before I can be there again. See you in a month!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Weigh In & Picture Progress

  1. Wow, you are both doing really well. It really is so much easier when you can work as a team. On both of you, your stomachs have changed shape so much!

  2. WOOHOOO! The difference since you began is incredible. Keep on that paleo wagon now, it seems to really suit you! Keep going xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Well done to Steve too! Looking so much healthier, good job!

  3. Great work…. and only a slight gain and it sounds like you’re already back on track.

    You look great in your June picture by the way. (Oh and I’ve been meaning to ask what program you use to do your photos and add writing etc… I cannot find one that’s easy and that I like!)


  4. I love those layered photos to really see how far you’ve come! Yes, you’re up 3 pounds. But you know why, and you know what you need to do – and *I* know you’ll do it! Chin up, girl!

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