Lifting Again

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So I gave in. The weather in the UK is, well, lets just say, less than summary. It’s expected to continue in to July and my dreams of a warm summer holiday at home with the boy are fast fading in to a pipe dream. Thank goodness for the week in Spain! So I’ve joined the gym. Again. I’m sick of being freezing, wet and slipping all over the place so I’m back in the gym and the best thing about that, other than two of my fav ladies attend the same gym, is that I can get back in to lifting! Hooray :)

I started out doing some of the NROLFW workout the other day and ended up doing dead lifts with Julie (one of the lovely ladies who has trained to be a gym instructor) she got me to start out just doing one rep and gradually built up the weight and I began to feel the strain around my 5th lift and I was up to 40KG. I don’t think that’s bad for a first go especially as it was at the end of my workout.

I also did week 3 run 1 of the couch to five K programme. I seriously thought that I wouldn’t be able to do the 3 minute run but I did it. I was worried, especially after a week of not running, but I did it and I did it strong. Believe me I was proud lol. The gym is super swanky and has ipod plugs and stuff so it was pretty cool to be in that environment. Touch screen equipment and lovely things going on all around plus a huge range of equipment. Week 3 Run 2 tomorrow! Plus more weight lifting.

Yesterday I spent the day resting some extremely sore legs by standing up all day and making over 100 cupcakes!

I’ve also been looking at two new things. First the Man treated me to a Nike Plus running watch which is very cool and quite a bit exciting, I’ve played with it and I’ve not got it all together yet but I can’t wait to get moving with it. The website is really cool too, very bright and colourful which suits me! My Polar FT7 went to heaven which I’m super sad about.

I’m also looking at more pool training. I love to swim, I’m good at swimming, but I shy away from it despite an amazing pool at my disposal so I’ve vowed to use it to train until Christmas and then commit myself to a swimming/triathlon club.

So that’s me right now, what new things are rocking your world? 

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  1. Did you just start doing NROL4W?
    Great job doing Day 1 Week 3 of C25K. I’m on Day 1 now but I’m working up the courage to try the 3 min run! I feel intimidated!

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