June Happiness Review!

The beginning of June seems such a long time away, it’s been a busy month! So June was all about making time for friends, it’s been an ok month, I feel like I’ve made new friends and I’ve made an effort to be with old friends too.

I’m going to review my half year in a separate post but for now I made some resolutions at the beginning of the month and they were:


Happy Face

Make More Phone Calls

I feel this has been an ok goal, I’ve answered the phone and called people but we all have busy lives and catching up daily on Facebook/Twitter is still easier than setting the time aside to talk, however I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone. I’ve used more minutes on my mobile than ever before so I must be doing something! 

Embrace my Friends Successes

This I have done 100% and I’ve loved the response. I’ve felt happier than ever and although I’ve felt like I’ve been stagnating a bit I’ve loved seeing my friends fly forward to success and embrace their new lives in all kinds of ways. I’ve had one friend change her life completely and I’m so proud of her, my bestie has started a new job which is really exciting and people all around me are reaching goals and milestones. It’s made me so happy to look at their success with no feelings of envy – taking my own struggles/triumphs out of the equation and just celebrating for them has been a life changer. 

Comment More

My comment log tells me I’ve commented a third more than usual so I’m glad of that. It’s tied in with the Embrace Friends Successes goals really well too which has been fabulous. 

Go to Real Life Things Even if You Don’t Want Too

This I’ve not been great at, for several reasons I’ve watched to hide away a bit this month and I have at times, I’ve been ill, I’ve been exhausted but mostly a little sad and I don’t like to go out when I feel like that. I need to push through sometimes and stop it becoming self fulfilling because the more I’m social the better I feel. I have done, just not enough, baby steps though. 

Do things that make people smile. 

This I have done in spades :) Cakes are making people happy, cute cards, unexpected gifts and a couple random acts of kindness have really made me smile too. 

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  1. In June you helped me turn my whole life around and secure the opportunity of a lifetime – June has made me a very happy woman and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. You are brilliant and I love you!!! xxx

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