Fitness Bucket List

So I saw this post yesterday and I realised I didn’t really have a Fitness Bucket List, when I started out on this journey I couldn’t imagine some of the things I’ve already done, like having the confidence to go to classes, or lifting weights, or running with 25,000 other people. So I thought I’d make a bucket list, 10 things for now, starting from scratch.

01. Run in an Event.
02. Race in the pool again.
03. Sprint Triathlon
04.  Sky Dive
05. Dead lift 100kg
06. London Marathon
07. Open Water Swim
08. Trek
09. Plymouth Half Marathon
10.  Do 10 full push ups

Ticking Off One of The Bucket List

Whats on your bucket list? Do we share any?  

So on to the daily weigh, yesterday was an ok day but I ended up overeating at dinnertime. I ate good stuff just loads lol. I was stuffed last night. I was pretty surprised to see this this morning.

Obviously I’m still shedding water weight but I’ll take it!


So I started at dead on 241 lbs and today is day 3 of daily weighing and I’m 1.4 lbs down. I like this accountability thing. Plus it’s interesting that I planned to do my fitness bucket list today because look what came in the post! A big black envelope with this on the outside


And this on the inside

First thought was *Phew, the T Shirt fits* I have to wear it cause it’s got my number on it! Second thought was “Man, could you have taken a LESS flattering picture!?”.  It’s pretty nice, it’s a technical shirt so comfy and sweat proof and I like the design, I’ve always been a fan of black and green.

If you are feeling generous and giving today I will give you free Karma in return if you sponsor this run (and other runs I’m doing this year) for very amazing Leukaemia charities. Just click and donate completely safely, securely and if you want anonymously (but then I can’t give you your Karma but I guess the universe will sort you out so up to you).

7 thoughts on “Fitness Bucket List

  1. I want to sky dive! I’ve always been afraid of heights, but I’m really drawn to the idea of feeling weightless :) It’s not on my 101-in-1001 list, but it’s definitely something I’d love to do soon!

  2. Slow and steady progress, that’s awesome. A fitness bucket list? Sort of. I have a 40 goals list that has several fitness goals on it, so I guess so. I’ll cross one of them off this summer when I do my first half Ironman! Still working on the others, but I have time. :)

    I like yours – ambitious, but you can do it!

  3. I have a fitness bucket list too! We share the open water swim one as well. And while not on my bucket list yet, I so want to get back and race in a pool.
    I did get to check off sprint tri 2 weeks ago. It was great!

  4. I don’t really have a fitness bucket list, but I like the push-ups. Although I would be doing a happy dance if I could do one properly. I can’t even do them on my knees. But I will start doing some strength training tomorrow, so hopefully I will manage one at some point. Only one!

  5. Love the idea of a fitness bucket list – I may have to borrow this from you!
    Love the 10K t-shirt!! Good luck with reaching your goals and with your 10K training!

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