Monthly Weight Update

So I need to do a long overdue weigh in update and picture update and I’m in need of it too.

February was a horrible horrible month. I gained like I’d never felt a full signal before. Yep geek weight loss blogger humour. 8lbs on by the March 1st Weigh In. I was ashamed and I avoided addressing it officially. Sorry.

I gained weight because I went on holiday and I let loose, for the week before the holiday and the 2 weeks we were away. I got straight back on the low fat dieting as soon as we came back and managed to undo some of the damage (oh yes it could have been much worse). So for February I’m chalking it up to this…

Yep, seems reasonable with me.

So on to March. I approached March with a good attitude. I wanted to undo what February had become and so I threw myself in to low fatting. I got so tired of it so quick. I saw some reasonable losses then I lost the plot again. I know. AGAIN. I started to really evaluate why I was struggling so much and decided that everything I’d read recently had started to disillusion me with low fat dieting. It really wasn’t making me happy with the process either which was hard enough but I wasn’t losing much weight either. So I decided to leave it behind and start living Paleo. So far I’ve very much enjoyed it which leads us to the April 1st weigh in. That’s right I’m weighing ONCE.A.MONTH. Momentous stuff for me. I blogged about it before. You can read about it in the post Ditching the Scale

April Weigh In 

March Weigh In = 249 lbs
April Weigh In = 239 lbs
Difference = – 10 lbs

I got the man to snap me too here are before (very start) and current pictures…(and yes I’m aware I need to work on my posture big time! It’s a long story…)


 Now, it’s well documented here at Weight Wars that I have incredible difficulty seeing the difference in my before and current weight loss pictures, I really do and I thought as a documentation of how Paleo goes I should take my measurements as well. I wasn’t intending to do it regularly but I think I will actually after April 1st results. No April fool this is the real thing!

I’ve taken the measurements at the widest point I could find at all these places.

Calves = 4cm Lost
Chest (over boobs) = 2.5cm Lost
Chest (under boobs) = 3cm Lost
Biceps = 0.5cm Lost (flexed and relaxed)
Thigh = 0.5cm Lost
Waist = 1.5cm Lost
Neck = 2.5cm Lost
Hips = 9.5cm Lost

Total CM Lost = 24cm.

That’s 9.4 inches OFF my body! Good evidence that I’m dumping fat rather than muscle too as my biceps are the most defined part of me right now and are losing very little. My hips are by far the flabbiest bit and dumped a load! I have updated my Images of War page too for you, so you can see my progress from then to now!

The other thing I did is a quick layered picture. It was the mans idea and my execution of it wasn’t great but here it is anyway. My original starting picture is the base then my most recent picture is layered on top of it. Hopefully you can see, I used my face to line up the two pictures.


 So yeah. Now I can see the difference. Bravo Man. You win. 

Hows your month been? Do you measure? Have you found it useful?

17 thoughts on “Monthly Weight Update

  1. How do you layer photos? That is so great! It’s amazing how your perception can mislead you, I tend to do the same thing: not see a difference. I took my measurements before RFSC, and I think I’ll check it by quarters, because I get impatient with results. Great work!

  2. I think that if you’re not enjoying the weight loss plan you are on then you should change it. It’s great that you realised that.

    Well done on your 10lb loss. That’s a great loss in a month.

    You can see your progress in those pics. X

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