Happiness Online: April = Lighten Up!

So April is all about lightening up. Enjoying everyday pleasures and recognising the small things that make your world a brighter place.

When Gretchen talks about this she talks about thinking beyond the obvious, not ignoring them but recognising some out of the ordinary things too, things that at the time might feel stressful and difficult – like throwing a party at home or being a parent or partner – things that may bring immediate stress but actually end up making you happier. She describes the happiness “fog” – that transparent thing that is there but not always that noticeable making you happy.

So I’m trying really hard to think of things because this is something I’m actually pretty good at particularly when I’m in a crisis. I count my blessings and recognise that things are pretty good in the grand scheme of things, it completely affects my happiness in a great way.

Well I’ll start at the beginning…

Take Photographs

Taking photographs is my go to thing, from iphone to DSLR it soothes me, the process of snapping something I find interesting or beautiful, making it in to something cohesive or artistic later in editing, gives me such a buzz and I love it so much. I want to try and take a photograph every day in April, it will keep me focussed on something artistic.

Remember Today is Only 24 Hours.

No matter how great the day is, or how awful, then it will only last 24 hrs. I sometimes think too long term and forget that when things are awful that they won’t last for ever. Particularly when it comes to food, I have to remember that one bad day is not a bad life.

Enjoy Planning 

I see a lot of exciting things in my future, things that I need to have a plan to achieve fully and enjoy fully. I know this seems to contradict my previous resolution but stay with me. I like to plan, it’s something that makes me happy even if the likely hood is I may never achieve those goals, they may be dreams but they are my dreams.  In order to make the more achievable dreams come true, we as a family are going to have to have a plan of action, a savings plan and a commitment. Man and I also have a lot of stress in our lives right now and so a plan of what we want in the future will help keep us calm and focussed on the end prize.

Enjoy Who You Are

So last month I started to “be me” more and stop caring so much about what others thought, it isn’t easy, I’m naturally a bit of a try hard, I am enthusiastic and I like to be liked and I take it too hard when I’m not. Starting to just accept that and move on has been instrumental in being happy, now I just have to enjoy myself more. I love to sing {badly} in the car, I love taking Charlie on random adventures, I love a road trip. I love planning and dreaming, I love organising stuff, I love to be silly with the boys and I love to be enthusiastic about other people and what they achieve. I think I’m a cheerleader in my head. I really chubby one lol. I hope that I can really embrace the dorky, huggy, happy side of myself and be kind to myself more.

Blog When I Want To…And other things…

This is about doing more things that I enjoy because I enjoy them not because it’s expected of me or because I feel obligated. If I don’t want to cook I won’t, if I want to cook a three course meal then I will! If I want to blog then I will, if I don’t – guess what? I won’t.

As part of my Enjoy who you are resolution I need to take time to be me, being me is pretty good if I’m honest so I’m going to do what I want.

3 thoughts on “Happiness Online: April = Lighten Up!

  1. Wow, I love the happiness ‘fog’ idea, cos I’m almost the opposite. I get a melancholy ‘fog’ – a seemingly transparent ‘thing’ which puts me into a funk. And in that state I’m not good at looking at the bright side of things – so I admire your ability to do so!

    I’m trying to lighten up for sure and as of this month I’m starting my 4day working weeks, so that’s a huge step… for the first time in my working life (20+yrs) cutting back. Very exciting!


  2. Great post! I sort of fell off the happiness wagon sorry about that… not that I’m not happy I just fell off on the blogging about it part:-) I do keep up reading your posts monthly on it for encouragement and I have the book but haven’t quite gotten to it yet. I do love photo taking though so I love that idea of taking one each day this month, I think I’ll do that too:-)

  3. Great targets for April. I’ve been working on mine, and funny, but your #5 is my #1. I started blogging because I loved it, now too often it is a chore. This month I will write when I want to not because I have to. :)

    This has been such a good challenge so far – thank you for launching it.

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