The Scale of Motivation

It’s amazing that the scale can make or break you sometimes. I weighed this morning, it showed me 2 lbs up. That’s ridiculous I know. I’ve not ingested an additional 7000 calories on top of my BMR, rationally I know that it’s water weight from the killer workout today but I ended up having a splurge day, it’s been a bit of a splurge week really. Not massive, not bingeing but not exactly on track either.

So I’m going to pull it back except for Sunday when we are having a special dinner (It’s mothers day!). It’s amazing how that number can change your attitude isn’t it? Trouble with me is usually it’s not a motivator. I’m not going to look at the scale again until Monday now. This morning I have an awesome event to attend, it’s at Charlies school and it’s just for us mums :). It’s to treat us to Mothers Day and it looks like it’s going to be mega mega cute.

I’ve been sketchy with logging this week which is a sure sign I’m going off the rails a touch, not a lot but a touch. I need to refresh tonight. I’m so tired. I know yesterdays post was a bit cryptic too but it’s moving in the right direction already. I’m not sure what the scale will bring on Monday but I’m surprisingly calm about it. I have lost 11 lbs in the last two weeks, a small gain won’t hurt massively. I’ll be strict with myself for some time and get myself back to where I should be. It’s great to know that I have masses more control over my food and eating than I used to. I don’t need pizza anymore.

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But there is a reason there are so many cool images bashing the scale. We know. 

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