Little Win

I went to a kids birthday party on Saturday, snapped some piccies, chatted with some lovely parents, saw one of my most favourite persons and gave the boy a run, good day huh? Except that kids birthday parties come with sausages, chips, pizza, sausage rolls,  and all kind of binge worthy food.

What did I do? I remembered “One Day At A Time”, my new favourite thing to think about, I ate a few carrot sticks, some cucumber sticks too, I picked up a biscuit at one point and then put it down again. I could have had it, it would have been well within my points/syns/calories for the day but I am afraid of one leading to another so I put it back. I was grumpy about it, grumpy as hell about the stuff I was missing out on, grumpy at  the carrot in my mouth and the rumble in my belly, I was really grumpy that they had party rings which I couldn’t trust myself with. It’s kind of like debt though, I have a debt to my body, I spent time enjoying the high life, the freedom of eating all I want, treating my body badly and now I’m paying back my body with endorphins, vitamins, and health.

I generally do very little exercise over the weekend, unless we go out for a walk or cycle, there will be more in the summer but right now it’s cold, we’ve been in minus centigrade and most of the country has snow, the small one doesn’t last long outside in this weather, plus the amount of things that need doing before we go on holiday is intense.

That said we are all very excited to get going now! Cuba here we come! There are some fabulous guest posters writing for me while I’m gone, be sure to give them a warm welcome. Obviously I’ll bore you to death with my travels when we return. I’ll also come back to my monthly weigh in which is a bit scary! I weigh on Wednesday and then not until the end of the month. It scares me a little, I’ve seriously considered taking the scales with me. Seriously. I have. I’m not going to, most of all we are taking 2 cases between 3 of us and so can’t really. No space. Obviously I calmed down and realised that was crazy.

I’m rambling a bit and I’m off to X Biking now so I’ll be seeing you soon! What did you do at the weekend? What was your little win? 

One thought on “Little Win

  1. I had hoped to have an alcohol-free weekend, but didn’t – though a few alcohol-free days beforehand. But Sun night I went without again which was good.

    I also don’t do a lot of exercise on the weekend and at the moment, program my 5 days into my working week so I don’t have to worry on weekends…. so weekends are just for veging and doing nothing.

    It must be harder with a family…. though I hope you have a FABULOUS holiday and I cannot wait to hear about it!

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