Happiness Online : February is Love.

Month two of Happiness Online is Love. Love can be loads of things though, the love for your cat, partner, child and your family & friends, plus lets not forget ourselves in that. In the happiness project Gretchen focussed on her partner and her relationship. She vowed to stop nagging, and started to let go of the praise she expected for doing jobs.

I want to focus my goals on relationships as a whole, including bloggy relationships, so here are my 5 Love Resolutions.

1. Recognise Their Contribution

I want to really recognise peoples contribution to my life and appreciate them for that. Man works hard to provide, Charlie brings me joy, my Grandmother brings me stability and reassurance. There are others too like Blog friends that give so much to me and ask nothing in return, they inspire me. Part of recognising these contributions is recognising those who only take from me and only damage my life. I want to ensure that I recognise those I am with and act accordingly to ensure that I give as much as I take.

2. Concentrate On Those I Am With

I have a terrible habit, I check my phone, a lot. It’s rude I know, I check texts, twitter, facebook and all the other rubbish stuff that keeps us connected nowadays, and I forget that I’m sat in front of a real, touchable, friend (that sounded a bit pervy but you know what I mean!). So other than evenings in front of the TV I want to concentrate on the person I’m with. Hopefully this will help number one too.

3. Say It Don’t Hope It’ll Be Understood

I expect the man to be able to work under his own steam, to see what needs doing but I find myself getting annoyed and frustrated when he doesn’t see the things that need to happen without  prompting. Truth is I run this household, I know what needs doing because I’m the one running the show. Man works out of the home so is less responsible for things going on inside it. I’ve created charts to help us keep on top of the jobs that need doing in the house day in day out, but I’ve resolved that I will just say when I need help, I won’t presume anything. This goes for friends and family too, I won’t presume they know what I need from them or how I’m feeling, should clear up that feeling of no one understanding me!

4. Remember That My Actions Affect The Whole Family 

This one is kind of financial I suppose but it extends to other things too. I make a lot of the decisions round here due to my time being much more flexible than Mans and I also have to be the one to see them through a lot of the time too. Trouble is that’s tougher in practice when it feels like it’s only about you, when you think of it for everyone it’s a lot easier to stay on track. The things I do affect my whole family because of my responsibility to them and within our group. I hope by remembering this my decisions will be more focussed on the best for us all.

5. Don’t Expect Everyone To Have Your Standards 

I have to admit I’m a tad of a perfectionist and insanely competitive with myself, this leads to my friendships, relationships in general but I have to understand that my standards for myself are ridiculous – I don’t even live up to them – so I can’t possibly expect other people to live up to them, or understand them if I don’t say! So I’m hoping that the resolutions that I’ve made above will hope with this. I think I ought to add in that I need to give myself a break at times too.

I am hoping that while these resolutions will improve my relationships with others it will also help me and how I feel about my relationships with others, it’s something I struggle with at times so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

So Love? What are your resolutions? Link Up Below :)

3 thoughts on “Happiness Online : February is Love.

  1. I ‘love’ these resolutions, especially the first one about appreciating others. Also the last one. I can be a bit hard on my friends sometimes (though they probably don’t know it as I keep it bottled up inside) when they don’t act in a way I think they should etc. I generally expect people to behave in a certain way – and am always shocked and disappointed when they don’t. (Having said that, I have big issues with trust. Perhaps that’s why!)


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