Recipe: Diet Coke Chicken

I got the recipe from Slimming Eats and I really really love that site, I blogged about them before when I talked about meal planning and inventive food sights, Slimming Eats is so so useful. I command you check it out…go on…I’ll wait.

Ok, well done – see told you it was awesome.

Slimming Eats recommends using drumsticks, I am a right pain and hate pulling skin off them so I used chicken breasts instead. I scored them lots and the flavour penetrated really well. It’s a lovely BBQ type flavour.

You can download a printable diet coke chicken recipe sheet here with your ingredients and lovely instructions all laid out for you.

You will need – for four people… 

4 Chicken Breasts
2 can of diet coke
10 Tablespoons of Passata
Splash of Worcester Sauce
Sprinkle of Salt
Fry light / spray oil



Pre Heat your oven to 200 C

Pop your chicken in to an oven proof dish and spray with oil/fry light and salt lightly. Pop in the oven.

Pour your can of diet coke in to a frying pan on a high heat. Add the passata and Worcester  sauce.  Keep on a high heat stirring continuously, it will start to reduce and become thicker, don’t let it go too long because it will reduce down to a little blob lol!


Once you have finished the sauce pour it over your chicken and pop it back in the oven until the chicken is cooked.


Serve with – well – whatever you like!

It’s completely Syn Free per serving and the calories break down like this:

PhotobucketSo there you have it, simple, easy and really really tasty.

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Diet Coke Chicken

  1. OMG. I could cook this and I LOVE diet coke. Well, I love vanilla diet coke, which could taste a bit strange. I’m gonna try it!

    PS. will also use chicken breasts as I don’t like eating anything with bones!


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