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Well I’ve got to update on the Do Life Challenge that I’m part of, this week was PAY IT FORWARD. I’ve got to say I think of myself as a charitable person but this week has proven how difficult it is to be charitable when you spend to much time looking inward. It’s reminded to remember that there are far worst things in the world than falling off the wagon and I can fix that pretty easily. It’s been quite a reminder writing this post, coming back to this.

Do something out of the ordinary for a stranger. Find a way to brighten someone’s day.

I’ve not done any grand gestures or anything, honestly I’m counting every penny and selling my old stuff,  but I did do two things that effectively cost me nothing.

I came across woman in the gym changing room. Now for me, the changing rooms after a workout (or before for that matter) is a no talking zone. She was huffing and puffing to get her trainers on, she was a big girl, big as me certainly, and she looked scared. I’d just finished my workout, was all sweaty and red faced and I kinda watched her out of the corner of my eye. Totally NOT in a pervy way you understand! I watched her slowly pack her street clothes in to the locker, prepare her shower stuff for post workout, then she sat on the bench and just looked at her feet. I was naked (don’t imagine it, you don’t want to be scared for life), I wrapped up in my towel and just quietly asked her if she was alright. She explained she’d not been to the gym since her induction on New Years Day. She was scared, it all seemed too much. She’d not seen a gym before that for years and years. She’d vowed to change herself. So despite being sweaty and despite being wrapped only in a towel, I gave her a hug. It may not seem like much but she was a total stranger, and I don’t give out hugs to just anyone! I told her if I can do it. She can do it. I told her I’d lost 43 lbs last year. I told her the feeling that you get at the end of a workout when you really try. I told her to stretch. I swear she nearly cried, and I nearly cried but we both got it, then we both smiled and she went to the gym. I saw her there this morning too, she smiled :D.

The second thing we did (my son Charlie and I) was donate his toys to a charity that helps families in need. Very often children in poverty, who have very little. Charlie has a massive family, both sides of our families have him as their sole grandchild, also his birthday is exactly a month before Christmas. As you can imagine, he gets spoiled so so bad during November and December. So January is a time that we sort, order and purge toys. This year his mammoth car collection came under scrutiny. I took the opportunity to rope in the husband by getting him and the boy sorting through the big car collection and then Charlie and I took the cars that were in good shape to the donation service. Man and I donated a bag full of clothes too. We have over flowing wardrobes and drawers.

I’ve loved this task, it’s reminded me of two very very important lessons. I have come such a long way that while I’m being inspired and led to my healthy, I’m now starting to inspire and starting to lead. I am completely reminded of the fact that we are fortunate. So so fortunate. It’s not like we are the 1% or anything, far far from it, but we have a nice home, sofas to sit on, clothes to wear, heating, hot water, and all kinds of lovely things that we just use day in day out without a second thought. Thanks for reminding us.

Reassess your pushups (or plank) today or tomorrow. And keep working them. There are pushup and plank plans all over the internet, or make up your own. Stick with it!

I’ve dug out the 100 push ups plan and I’m going to start it tomorrow. I finally got some ink cartridges and so have set up my fit file at home and I will be a push up machine by the end of it!

Reassess your goals. Where are you? How are you doing? Do you need to change anything?
Beginners: 150 minutes of exercise (or 20 minutes more than you did last week).

I’m pleased with my goals, to recap they are…


Well I’m not really made a great dent in the fitness ones, but I’m setting up the Body Magic board at my local slimming world group and I lost 4lbs on Monday. Since then I’ve not been in a great place mentally but I suspect that I’ll be able to sort that out this week. I’m feeling stronger all ready.

I did the mandatory minutes of exercise but it had no structure to them, I didn’t even map them really. Again, I will make myself better this week. I have to, my mental state is suffering because of the lack of endorphins!

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Write four things you did well. Every night before bed.

I wrote down lots of things this week, I’m so glad I did too because they seemed to create a feeling of well being at a time I’ve felt like I’m struggling, some of the highlights are I was rational when my crazy brain was trying to take over, I created order and organisation in the house, I worked out when I could have had free time to myself, I reached out to someone, I was brave and stepped outside of my comfort zone. 

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  1. That’s awesome what you did for that woman. I am sure you made her day and maybe even her week.

    I just posted my recap. I am really enjoying this challenge.

    I purchased the Happiness book & I will hopefully read it in January so that I can join the challenge in February.

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