Do Life Challenge: Week One

A lot of people will know the meaning “Do Life” as soon as you read it. Some of my friends and family may not have discovered it yet. I saw this video a while back, two years ago maybe, and I sobbed when I watched it. I so desperately wanted to find the answer to my weight problem and there it was staring me in the face, trouble is I really didn’t think I could do it. Not one part of me felt strong enough. I watched it again recently and it made me cry again. Difference is I felt stronger, I felt connected. Here is that video.

Ben continues to be a massive inspiration to so many people around the world, he’s set up forums and his Ben Does Life blog is followed by thousands of people. I decided this year to get involved with Ben’s challenge, he inspired me so much in the early days I knew it would be cool. It’s a twelve week challenge and I’ll be blogging about it weekly. I’ll let you know how I do!

The theme of this week Assess, Resolve, and ACT. Quote: “You have to act your way into right thinking.”

It’s all about determining where we really are, and where we want to be. He’s given us a number of tasks the little taskmaster. I’ll let you know my thoughts about the tasks now and then I blog the results at the weekend.

Write down five quantifiable goals for yourself. Emphasis on quantifiable. And they must be realistically achievable within one month (more on this below the challenges). 

    1. I want to lose 14lbs by the end of the challenge starting from and including January 2nd. That’s 4.6 lbs per month.
    2. I would like to have run 30k by the end of the month inside and dreadmill.
    3. I would like to  help run the fitness board at my slimming group.
    4. I want to have swum 10 miles (16km)
    5. I want to have completed 8 weights workouts

Assess yourself and write down your current stats in all five areas. Do you want to lose six pounds? Find out exactly where you are now. Do you want to run a 35-minute 5K? Write down your current time. Etc. You might need to get creative with assessments. That’s okay. There is no requirement on your goals or your assessments.

    1. My starting weight will be 247.5 lbs, yikes. I’ve not been great with diet and exercise recently so I’m hoping it will keep me focused. Obviously the scale will measure this one.
    2. I’ve not been running all that much but I find it exhilarating. I completed 7K on the first for Race Epic so that’s a great start to the year, I really want to be able to do the 10k in June so I need to up my training, this gives me the perfect opportunity. My miles logged will measure this goal.
    3. This is to get me involved with the social team at my group. It’s hard to be part of the group and this will force me to get involved. I also want it to be a source of inspiration and accountancy for me. All I have to do for this one is get started.
    4. I’ve been rubbish at swimming, I love it when I’m in but the idea freaks me out. This should force me in to the pool. Distance logged with be my measure of this goal.
    5. I am determined to get started with the NROLW, I really want to complete it as written, I keep starting it and then not getting anywhere. I will record my workouts to reach this goal.

By Monday night, get on the floor an do as many pushups as you can. Modified (from your knees) or regular. It doesn’t matter how many you can do. Write this number down in a notebook or word document. Pushups will be a “fun” recurring litmus test throughout the 12 weeks. 


I can do around 3 proper ones, legs out straight, I know I can do around 15 on my knees so I wanted to try and push myself to do full press ups. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I’m in my Pajamas. You want to see anyway? *sigh* Oh OK then… you are PJ Pushups


Beginners: Do 120 minutes of exercise this week. The exercise can be anything physical as long as you’re working that heart rate. Walking, running, cycling, rollerblading, yoga, weight-lifting, anything. 


I consider myself a beginner, I’m still not at any level of fitness so I will be aiming for the 120 minutes a week. I’m pretty sure I should smash through this but I’m adding too it that I want to ensure my calorie burn is in the region of 100 cals per 12 minutes where measurable (i.e when I can wear my HRM, swimming is tricky but I need to feel the sweat when I swim).


Identify your biggest excuse. Write it down on a wall in your house. Then in your notebook write a way to eliminate that excuse. Not enough time in the day? “Eliminate American Idol and Glee.” Sorry


I  use this a lot. The reason I’m tired? The reason I have a headache? Because I stay up WAY to late and have to get up to take my boy to school in the morning so get up early. Stupid. Go to bed earlier. Settle down quicker and voila. Done. This fits in nicely with my Happiness Online resolutions too. 


Each night before bed, write four things you did well that day.

 I always blog before bed (and schedule for the next day) so I’ll add my four things to each day at the end.


I made a to do list to help prioritise the pile of things I have to doI made time to sit and help my son learn to read, I crossed off 5 things from that to do list and none were “make to do list”, and instead of sleeping in this morning I read some of my book and really enjoyed the chance to read, put me in a good mood all day. 

4 thoughts on “Do Life Challenge: Week One

  1. That video was amazing. It really, really moved me — I’m so glad I saw it today because for the first time in quite a while I started running (very little, very slowly) — this is just what I needed to see to give me a bit more motivation – thank you for sharing!

    I highly, highly recommend NROL4W — I’m in the middle of Phase 2 (and have blogged about my experience starting from the first first phase/workout) and it is amazing. It doesn’t take much time – it’s just about doing it. I used to do all sorts of different weight lifting routines – now this is the only one I do (as well as cardio on other days) and I have seen quite a difference. Definitely go for it!!

    Good luck :)

  2. I saw on the forums that you joined the challenge. When I attended the Do Life 5K in July, that’s when i truly started “doing life”. Let’s crush this challenge.

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