Well for a fitness and weight loss blog there is a lot of talk around here about resolutions and such. They are scattered around several challenges and posts so I’ve drawn them together on a 2012 goals page for easy reference. I’ve started to think practically how I can achieve the goals I’ve set myself, how I structure it so that I can achieve it all and keep it fresh in my mind through the year.

The first thing I have decided is that you don’t know what you’ve achieved until you know where you are. I’m going to put myself through a baseline fitness test on Monday, I’d love it if you joined me. This is the sheet I’ve devised to keep a record of my baseline stats for the beginning of 2012,  you can download and print your own version too! Just click on the image to download your very own version. You don’t have to share your results, you don’t have to do anything but just think how cool it will be at the end of the year to have something to look back on? See how much good your effort and commitment has done you?

So most of it is self explanatory, 1.6km is 1 mile, 1 mile in a 25m swimming pool is 64 lengths, full push ups are on your toes rather than your knees, you can find Plank position here if you aren’t sure what it’s supposed to look like. Obviously if you can’t do some of the things then they aren’t going to be things that you can measure in the month of December anyway, if you start somewhere between now and December then just measure it then.  This is so you know where you are starting, cause what’s the point in knowing where you want to be if you don’t know where you are now. Resting Heart Rate is taken by counting your pulse rate for 60 seconds whilst resting, either in bed first thing or when you’ve been sat down a while.

I’ve also devised a little record keeping too, a diary just for my workouts, I’m going to keep it in a folder or something so that I can see what I’ve done each week and be able to look back through each one, I’m going to print 52 and put the dates on, I’m determined there will be no empty sheets.  I wanted to design something that had a place for me to write my achievement of the week on it too, I think it’s good to recognise them regularly and be able to look back on them. I’ll be sharing with you guys of course. You can use it too if you like just click on the image and you can download and print your own version.

So step one in helping my way to resolution and goal success is under way! I’ve been working on my Happiness Online Resolutions too, real practical changes and it’s been great so far. I can see the difference my resolutions are making to my everyday life, and I am happy with them, despite being ill the last few days I’ve pottered around and done a few things including getting my lovely Paperchase diary in on the action and writing some awesome to do lists. I love crossing them off, I feel so productive and satisfied.

I’m new to the printable arena so let me know if they work or not, make sure you set your printer to print the whole page on the size you want (I designed them for A4). My printer is out of ink so I can’t test it! *adds ink to to do list*

5 thoughts on “Baseline

  1. I love both these printables. I was able to print out the weekly workout log and I set it so I could print 2 on one page. I have an idea to make this into a little book.

  2. Will I sound shallow and naive if I say that I think the table is really cute! Did you use some special program to do it?

    I will definitely print the template out cos it will be nice to SEE what I’m doing. (Am reading this at the hairdressers though… so will have to do that later!)

    I’m actually trying to set up a page on my blog to do the Happiness Online project and other challenges, but I’m having some problems – don’t think it’s possible – so perhaps it’s the design I’m using in wordpress. I’m trying to pluck up the courage to transfer my blogs across to my own domain names (not sure where to start) so that should resolve that issue!

    I love that your planning is getting more and more detailed!


    • I like cuteness! It’s just bog standard old publisher and photo editing.

      Maybe your theme doesn’t allow for pages? Maybe a time for redesign 😉 Unless you could make the post “sticky”. There are themes that allow it I used it for a long time before I moved.

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