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As a Weight Loss Blogger I’ve of course been following the Slave to Food with Claire Richards of previous fame in Steps and more recently Popstar to Opera Star. Last nights show was probably the most positive of the shows so far. I found myself really rooting for her as the penny finally dropped that she needs to sort out her attitude to life and to food and her weight.


It’s something personally I have found the most important part of my journey and the times that I have broken down and fallen out of healthy eating it’s been because of emotional eating. Something which I have finally admitted I do need professional help with. I’ve made an appointment with my doctors and I suspect that I’ll have to wait some time for an appointment though.

She started to work with a life coach type person who started to build her confidence with a few exercises, then he made her wear a fat vest – a la biggest loser – to her biggest weight and dance in it. It completely made her see how far she’d come even if she wasn’t at her target weight. He made her wear a sumo suit too just to understand how big she was and how much smaller she is now. It’s something I have to remind myself about, how far I’ve come so far and when I properly recognise what I’ve achieved I feel much more confident and happy with things.


She also had the life coach come in and look through her food. There was no veg in the house, and very little fruit. He commented that the dog food was chicken and rice and was much more healthy than anything she and her family were eating. This was quite a shock for her as was visiting Britain’s only fat camp for kids. She was able to talk to them about self esteem being the most important thing and it woke her up to what kids with a poor diet have to go through at school and in their lives in general. How hard it can be for them which woke her up to what she was feeding her children.

It’s something that this journey has really made me aware of, not only what I’m feeding my child but what I’m educating him about food. He knows why protein is important, he knows where we get our energy from and why some things are just treats. He’s not obsessed with thin, he doesn’t even understand it, he knows what healthy is. I’m sure one day he’ll eat salad too but for now he hates it. He does love veg though so for now it’s veg.


Something she really came to realise is that there isn’t a goal. There is no ideal weight just a weight that you are happy at and confident at. She finally came to understand that health isn’t a target it’s a lifelong commitment and that’s completely what is dawning on me, the commitment is for life. This isn’t a fix it’s a change. I’ve been pretty inspired seeing Claire go from surgery to realising that any size you are healthy and happy at it is the right size.

4 thoughts on “Claire Richards Slave to Food 3

  1. I think I may need to figure out a way to acquire this show because it sound amazing. I guess its to edgy for the States to show.

    I would love to get my hands on a fat vest. I’d love to feel what 85 pounds feels on my body now.

  2. I really enjoyed the show, it was honest and shows you are just like the rest of us! My husband found yours rather witty too. lol. Most of us struggle with our weight whilst trying to balance work and family with time to exercise. We all know ‘how’ to be healthy its just finding the time, right?? Its easy after a long day to eat something naughty from the fridge or order a take away… As the last episode shows, it has to become part of your life not just a diet to achieve and maintain. I’m still working on that, I wish you well on your journey too.

  3. Hi i really enjoyed watching the show i have struggled with my wieght since my teens then about 13 years ago i had my daughter and straight away went down to a size 8-10 but since having my other 3 found it really hard to shift the weigh. My son was born 20 months ago and i went up to 13 half stone i was devestated and so i tryed my hardest to lose weight i managed to lose 2 stone but i am still not happy at 11 half stone i should be 10to 10 half for my height and build and finding it so hard to lose that last stone i feel like giving up. I think you are very brave to go on tv and show everyone you are just like us it is easy to say exercise but it is no fun alone. I was a big fan of steps and never thought of you as the fat one far from it. Anyway i may be 11 half stone and a stone to go but i an finaly that little bit more comftable as i am getting married in 2 weeks but after that i am determand to get this last stone of. You are a great insperation and i love my food too and if i can do it you can too all the best. Sam xxx

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