Zesty Chicken! {Recipe}

The best best thing about this recipe is it will feed LOADS of people OR you can make left overs with it for days! Plus you can whack it in the slow cooker at the beginning of the day and leave it there and it will be ready for you at the end of the day, or if you have the time at home just roast it!

Zesty Chicken
Serves around 8 people, prep time about 30 mins, cooking time with slow cooker 8 hours, cooking time in the oven roasting around 1h45m but check cooking instructions on the chicken. 167 calories per serving of chicken.

So you will need:


2 tbsp Sunflower / Olive Oil
1 Lime Zest – Juice Separate
3cm of root ginger grated
2 Garlic Cloves
2 Red Chillis (deseeded and chopped)
20g pack Coriander
1 Lemon Grass Stick (outer leaves removed and chopped)
1 Medium Whole Chicken

If roasting pre heat at 200C or gas 6. Some slow cookers need pre heating, check your instructions.

In a small food processor add 1tbsp oil, the lime zest, 1/2 the ginger, 1/2 the garlic, 1/2 the chilli, all the coriander, lemon grass and a pinch of salt. Blitz until its a rough paste.


Working from the neck end, separate the skin from the chicken. Or if you are me, get your partner to do it because it’s icky.

Once you’ve separated the skin put 3/4 your pulpy mix underneath the skin. Rub the rest of it over the top. Smooth the rest of the skin down so you have an even spread underneath and a good spread on top of the skin. Grate the remainder of the ingredients on top.

We ate it with cous-cous and fresh veg and it was bloody lovely. We are only a family of 3 so this meal goes a long way with left overs and extra meals. You could make some yummy rice tomorrow and have it with that, wraps, salad. There is so much you can do with it. Very often the man takes his bento box with him to work with the leftovers.  Even if you were on your own it would make a great number of versatile meals.

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  1. It was truly delicious, the lemongrass and lime juice permeates the chicken and keeps coming back with each mouthful. Bloody lovely

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