I finished The British 10k!

Well today I did my very first event! I’m very proud to say that I finished The British 10k in 26C heat all by myself. I completed a Tubby 10k weighing 250lbs lol. So I thought I would do a little rundown of the day and generally how I was feeling… the route is gorgeous and passes some amazing landmarks through the capital. It’s been an awesome day but I’m so exhausted! My lovely shoes (and chip timing – the orange thing) made it all the way round. The atmosphere was amazing, considering this was my first ever event in a city I barely know (I’m Cornish fgs!) I never felt worried, lost or alone.

The information in the brocure was thorough (although I wish some of the more *seasoned* runners had actually read it rather than presuming they know it all, quite a few clearly didn’t bother reading the do’s and don’t so didn’t get the memo that slow runners were to keep right. Many were getting rather frustrated at the situation. So *note to self*, no matter how seasoned you get at this, always read the race info.

PhotobucketSo we started the day by getting up super early so I could eat a good time before I needed to start running. We were in London for 8am and it takes around 30 minutes to get in by tube from the sister in laws house. We met up with my lovely and gorgeous friend Karen at the station and walked on to find our baggage hold and then on to the start line! Baggage was really easy, it had a little drop off point related to your race number and then we were guided by stewards up to the start line.


The vest is pretty but not the most flattering of garments I’ve ever worn! Ah well, it’s for a good cause and I didn’t over heat in it too much.

So we got totally corralled up to the start line, after depositing baggage about a mile away, there are around 22,000 people running so obviously it takes some management to get everyone to and across the line in a somewhat orderly fashion the gun time was a full 10 minutes before I managed to cross the line! This would be why though…yep that really is people further than you can see!

PhotobucketThe opening ceremony saw a speech from the Mayor of Westminster who declared that it was “awesome!” to see so many people, they confirmed the amount of runners and had a rousing corus of the national anthem, sadly they didn’t switch off the mayors mike during the anthem and we had to listen to her screech through it. twice.

Then the coastguard band and the blues walked from Trafalgar Square through Westminster (to the start line) and back again the man and boy had a good view of this, I had a speaker in the way but they sounded pretty awesome. All I can say is they must of been damn hot in those uniforms.


Then the elite runners started off, can you believe the male elite completed the course in 29minutes. 10k in 29 minutes. Jeeze that’s impressive. The female elite came in at 34 minutes. Amazing stuff, they are seriously inspirational, they were amazing to watch, they shot over the line taking the race car by surprise and he had to power down the road!

PhotobucketSo I moved reasonably well but at 5k I was stuggling a bit, I shot out too fast at the beginning and really suffered in the final 5k as it got hotter as the day went on too (I’m sunburned – not good) but when I saw the half way marker I was really happy.

PhotobucketI knew I had travelled 5 whole kilometres and I was still alive! I spoke to my husband on the phone as I walked through the tunnels because it was weird not seeing normal light, I couldn’t focus properly. They were waiting for me at the 7K mark so I was really excited and pushed on but sadly a call of nature caught up with me and I had to stop, queue and then get moving again after a quick wee. It was annoying but it had to be done. Next year I will totally take the advice of the race people and pee before I start!

I pushed on after the pit stop and spotted them just after the 7k marker, I don’t know how but I found it in me to sprint! Yes Sprint towards my lovely supporters, including my very lovely son who was ready to cheer for me. They got me on camera too

PhotobucketIt’s hard to explain how I was feeling but I was happy and exhausted all at once, while knowing that I had broken the back of it, I had less to run than I had run, it was all very exciting! Steve got a picture which he says sums up how I looked and sounded at that point!

PhotobucketJust past my lovely family there is a major landmark or two, including the lovely EDF Energy London Eye…

Photobucketand Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Bridges, plus it’s quite pretty too

PhotobucketThe London Eye suddenly became even more beautiful to me when it was accompanied by a sign telling me I only had 2 km to go!

PhotobucketThe last bit is hard because you can see the finish from around 8.9k if you look funny, but you have to run away from it to get to it! I actually got a bit emotional at the 9k sign because it meant that I WAS going to finish, without a doubt I was going to make it to the end and I was so so overwhelmed with happiness at that point I had to hold it together a bit!

PhotobucketMy family were waiting for me at the finish line which was so lovely, they really pushed me on that final bit to the end, and finish I did. It took me 1h46m by the official chip timing, 1150 calories going by my Polar HRM, and a very sore person according to my legs.

PhotobucketPhotobucketWhile I was running the boys and my sister in law took in the sights around town, including Trafalgar Square, Millennium Bridge, Parliament Square, and the Olympics countdown clock.


PhotobucketThey had a pretty awesome time, although it’s not the most interesting thing for a four year old but we made him a promise, be super good, cheer everyone on, and you get a trip to the world famous Hamleys toy store. He was sold. So post race I met up with the lovely Karen again who had nabbed me a goodie bag as they were going fast but they had run out of T Shirts and Medals.

I’m totally beyond devastated about that, apparently the ran out just before I got in as well :(, neither me or Karen had t shirts either which we were both sad about.  I’m going to write to the organisers but going through the googling I’m far from alone and reading reports I’m not holding out hope. Such a shame as it’s taken the shine off what was a great day. {UPDATE! The organisers tweeted asking people who didn’t get medals to get in touch so I have done and hopefully I will be able to post a picture of my medal soon!}


So as you can see I’m hardly setting the world alight with my time but I’m happy with it, it’s a personal best I think and I finished which was great enough for me. There weren’t many other runners weighing 250lbs there so I’m so proud to have finished, plenty didn’t. Afterwards we headed to Starbucks for a refuel and cool down (love you Strawberries and Cream Frappachino and Cinnamon Swirl), then on to Hamleys on Reagent Street for Charlie to spend his pocket money.

PhotobucketI have a few War Wounds, I used blister plasters to just cover the edges of the blisters from last week, one a compeed plaster and one an ASDA/Wallmart one. Compeed was fully in place after the full run, the ASDA/Wallmart one had rolled up and allowed previously blistered feet to re blister. Joy. Compeed all the way in future. So one foot is more in tact that other, I will spare you the pictures though, the other injury was from my arm strap of my ipod carrier. Ouch.

PhotobucketI’m home now, excited, exhausted and happy with my achievement. Travelling back home tomorrow with my head held high. At the end of the day, I finished, maybe not in the most amazing time but I finished.  I put one foot in front of the other for 10k, with blistered feet, a sore birdhouse attacked shoulder and a very dodgy hip. Thank you for all the virtual support I received on twitter and facebook today, it really made all the difference. Onwards to 2012 now, it looks like it’ll be a great great race and I can’t really say no! Will enter as soon as I’ve got the money and I think the man is going to come with me!

9 thoughts on “I finished The British 10k!

  1. Oh my GOODNESS! Congratulations! Complete bummer about no teeshirt or medal! What the devil is that? What a fun bribe for your boys. We followed the mob to that store at Christmas some years back (two young girls in tow). SUCH happiness.

    I think your times looked absolutely fantastic and YOU FINISHED with blisters, but big smiles!

    Such accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations on completing the race, such a shame they didn’t have enough medals, but at least you and your family know you did it, and that’s what’s really important :) Huge well done!

  3. Sounds like a great experience! That’s so unfortunate they ran out of stuff! Didn’t they know how many people signed up?? Thanks for sharing your recap!

  4. Well done! I am very VERY impressed! I walked 5k in the Race for Life last year, and that nearly killed me. You’ve been so inspirational over these last few months, really. I want to dig out my trainers because your enthusiasm and the highs you obviously get from running are infectious!

  5. Hey Rebecca!

    Thank you so much for blogging about this! Its great to hear all the highs and lows of the run and I am very dissapointed too that you didnt receive a t-shirt or medal! I will be having words! Thank you so much for supporting children with heart conditions by doing the British 10k!As the other people on this thread said, you really are such an inspiration!

    Best wishes,


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