The Strategy: Breaking The Plateau

I’ve written this post about 20 times now (that may be a slight exaggeration) and it’s never read how I wanted it too. In short I’m frustrated at my lack of weight loss since March. This plateau was not something I was expecting at all.

I still have 100-120 lbs to lose, I thought I would plateau much nearer to my goal weight. I knew things would get harder for maybe the last 50lbs but now!? I was not expecting that. The trouble with me is I run on success. I find it very difficult to keep doing something if there is little hope of success. It’s something I work through in a job for instance, or if I know there is a long road to building something great but this. This I’ve failed at so many times already. This has dictated my happiness for so long and I don’t want to slip back to that place. I started to feel really down, frustrated by my lack of success and not feeling my normal supportive self.

So I’m going to break the plateau. Any way I can figure out. Well I’m going to be slightly more scientific than that. By July 1st I want to have lost 1.5 lbs. That’s it. That is the amount I have lost since March. That’s not true actually, I’ve gained 7.5lbs and lost 9lbs but that puts me 1.5lbs below my lowest weight last recorded. Anything else is a bonus.

I have been killing it on the exercise front, I need to be more consistent and have a better plan but generally I’m pretty proud of how it’s going there. My fitness cut off for my HRM has increased considerably (by that deeply technical speak I mean the heart rate at which I switch from fat burning to fitness work) since I’ve been working out, I’ve lost a good amount of body fat, and cm’s from my body. I haven’t lost weight though. Which is annoying. I do celebrate the Non Scale Victories but they just don’t satisfy me in the same way that the scale ones do I’m afraid. I don’t know if I want to change that either, my weight is one of the biggest health problems I have, it aggravates all my other health problems and generally makes my life difficult and at times embarrassing.

So I’ve waffled again without getting to the point. My strategy of war JUNE. (I know I’m a bit behind).

  • Stop punishing myself for stepping on the scales
    For so long I’ve been of the opinion that I couldn’t handle stepping on the scales daily, or more regularly than weekly. That I wasn’t strong enough but I’ve come to the conclusion that that is bull and an excuse. I know that weight can fluctuate 2/2.5lbs a day. I know that it can be affected by so many things. I feel safe and strong in the knowledge that I won’t freak out if I see the scale go up rather than down. That’s life right. So the scale will be a motivational tool, instead of freaking out and binging for a week if I fall down I will start again the very next day the very next number. I know a lot of things about the scales these days and they don’t dictate my mood or my life anymore so why shouldn’t I track the day to day fluctuations? It might teach myself something about my body. Plus I get to have a spread sheet. And a graph. *big grin*.

  • Eat Better, More Rounded, Healthier.
    I’ve  been playing with my diet so much it’s not good. I admit that this is not good at all. I’ve pretty much removed the part of my diet like pasta, potatoes, rice etc. Carbs. I’ve been on meat and veg pretty much, some fruit. The most carby thing was when I fell off the wagon, or Rivita Crispbreads. It wasn’t good for me and I wasn’t losing weight. I was also eating a fair bit of red meat, albeit Organic and lovely, it was also more fatty than my previous chicken, turkey or vegetarian diet before (when I was losing weight easily). So I’m going back to that as soon as is financially possible. I’ve reintroduced things already and I feel better for it, and TMI my body is responding better. It’s clearly best and healthiest for me, good portion of veggies, smaller portion of protein and carbs. I will think about what I’m eating. Eat intuitively.

  • Keep Mixing up the Exercise
    I’m loving mixing up my cardio and doing classes rather than just bashing out the cardio on the treadmill. It was getting so dull and I was really struggling to keep it up. I’m also going to keep running outside as I seem to do better outside, maybe it’s the lack of boredom but I run more than I walk when I do it outside. I will schedule workouts in a pattern to ensure I get strength and cardio in as well as runs.

  • Keep Positive
    I need to embrace happiness, go back to basics and remind myself of the things that make me happy and embrace other people’s happiness. There may be a lot in my life right now but there is also a load of great things :)

I’ll go on in more detail about how I’m approaching each section of the big strategic plan of …er… healthy eating and move more.

I have to say that since ditching Slimming World I’ve felt really motivated. I’ve felt like I’m doing it for myself not for the scale lady, it’s for me not for the stickers. I can do it at my own pace without pressuring myself to hit goals weekly. I can concentrate on healthy not thin. That’s what I wanted and that’s what I have got. I’m happier without the regiment of it hanging over me. I’ve sure it works, it’s worked for me for a long time, but the pressure was psyching me out.

I can’t blame the plan now. I haven’t the restriction of the plan either. It’s about finding lifelong balance and that is great to me. I’ve really found my perspective, I’m making myself healthy for life, I have a goal weight but everyday that I make good decisions I’m making myself healthier for a day. What could be better?

8 thoughts on “The Strategy: Breaking The Plateau

  1. Great post. I too am stuck. I have changed my way of eating – I have about a stone to lose – I only drink alcohol or coffee as a treat, I eat no sugar, no processed food and no white carbs. I mostly eat lots of meat, fish and cheese with vegetables/salad. I only eat berries as they have less sugar. I am consuming probiotics at quite an alarming rate.
    I lost 4 lbs in the first 5 days and nothing for the last 4 weeks.
    I do feel better in myself though – the scales might be stuck but I am pretty dynamic (most days).
    Keep going x
    PS Love the line ‘it’s for me, not the stickers’.

  2. Exactly the same here. Its been December since I moved significantly on the scales, with the odd pound on or off etc. Very frustrating but remember its not about how far you’ve got to go, its about how far you’ve come. You’ve done brilliantly so far and motivated alot of people, including me! Keep going!

  3. Good luck with breaking your plateau! I’m kind of the same- I still have about 80 pounds to lose, and I’ve not lost more than 2 ponds a month for the past 4-5 months!

    I’ve been clicking through on your food diary posts on Twitter and what I’ve noticed is that even though you stick to your calorie goal most of the time, a large part of your calories is often on biscuits chocolate, McDonalds etc. All food is not created equal. I try and limit myself to no more than 200 calories of anything ‘bad’. If all your calories go on junk then there is no way that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function probably, I definitely think that this can effect your weight loss. I’m sure its something you’re aware off, but you haven’t really addressed it in this post, so I thought I’d mention it!

    (I hope it doesn’t sound ‘preachy’!)

    Well done on all the exercise!

    • No you are totally right! This last few weeks have not been the greatest but I intend to rock between now and July 11th. I’m usually a veggie and meat kinda girl but there has been a lot of disorganisation, hopefully I can improve those food diarys (today hasn’t been great either lol).

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