Excited! Being a VIP, Positivity & NSV!

I’m so excited about my life right now, it’s insanely busy but I’m loving it! It’s proving completely true that if you put positivity out to the universe it comes back to you in bucket loads.

On Thursday & this weekend we have 4 days which will be in the majority CHILD FREE. Those of you who aren’t parents may clutch your pearls at my seemingly excited tone here, but until you have one or more of your own, seriously, you have no idea! I will miss the little guy, I will call several times a day and check in, talk with him on the phone, but I will also sleep entire nights without interruption, I will not have to rise at 6.30am when he decides it’s a great time to get up, and I’ll be able to wander London to my hearts content without worrying about him getting tired/bored/grumpy. Dinner out without having to entertain a demanding small person will be a much treasured expirience. He’s staying with his grandparents who he adores and visa versa, I will miss him though. He’s quite the child.


So what are we doing? We are seeing Pet Shop Boys and Take That. Those of you who aren’t British may not recognise the names, well probably not but if you like boy pop Take Thats recent stuff is probably up your street, it’s worth You Tubing them, I really liked their track recently released called , but they were huge when I was a teen, and while I’m not the biggest fan we’ve been gifted the tickets! Full VIP service, champagne greeting, hospitality including a free bar and 3 course meal before and after the gig, hotel, transport and everything!


I’m more excited about all the perks than the gig although going by Take That Gig reviews they put on an amazing show. The music isn’t wholly to my taste but I liked this song

We are staying up in London for a few days, and are going to do healthy and free/cheap things to really challenge ourselves for a few days. The Gig has also given me a NSV! I know! They come out of no where don’t they? I ordered a dress for the gig, albeit in a safe shape and giving material, but it wasn’t from their plus range, it was their normal range! I’m not convinced I like it if I’m honest, am considering shooting to the shopping center tomorrow and swapping it for something else. It’s not smart enough I guess. What do you think? (I’d have tights on, a cardi and a less moody concentrating face on)…


I’ll give you a full run down of the London experience when we get back!

And if this weekend just isn’t exciting enough we have The British 10k the week afterwards! So back up to London (on our own pocket this time *humpf*) again for my first ever (and last ever) race as a runner. I’m so excited and scared and a little nervous about it, I’ve not been able to run recently much at all so I need to sort it out this week and then do some short runs next week. I intend to go out this afternoon and have a bash at the 10k. Eeek. I’m nervous, I’ve not done that outside ever. I’ve done it several times on the treadmill but that is totally different isn’t it. I actually run faster outside, I’m more likely to run further as well so actually it’s easier for me but I don’t have reliable weather!

I also have a couple of projects on the go with good people and we are building something for the future, more about that soon! Plus we are moving at the end of July! Yikes!Don’t forget people the Beat The Heat Challenge is starting soon – 4th July – so get an email to me if you want to join in and aren’t already on the list.

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