Running Your Own Race

Something I’ve been finding really difficult to avoid recently is comparing myself to other dieters, or at least other people who have lost weight or are losing. I have many friends who are dieting, some are bigger (not many!) than me and some are smaller and working towards a healthy goal.

I’m competitive in nature, it’s just who I am, I’ve channeled it in to competing with myself in the gym recently, working hard to work out harder, to be stronger, but my weight loss has been stalled for a time and I really need to get on with it. I know I can do it, I will weigh in on Monday and it’s been an up and down week food wise so I’m actually curious as to how I will do as the exercise has been daily.

I need to remind myself that even though someone has lost the same amount of weight as me they aren’t necessarily doing it in a healthy way, they may not be learning healthy goals for life, or they may not be battling the issues that I am mentally and physically. They may not even be telling the truth to me, or themselves. But most of all they aren’t me.

One thing that I find such a negative experience is comparing myself to other people. I can only ever find the things they do better than me, they’ve lost more weight, quicker, they work out harder, they live cleaner, they are more motivated. I never see how I do better because I struggle immensely to see myself as more accomplished in any area, I feel wrong and icky saying “I can do that better than her” because honestly it sounds awful doesn’t it? Even if it’s true stating it is arrogant and unpleasant because it pulls the other person down and just makes you feel superior – yuk. We all know someone like it.  We all know they aren’t well liked. So why is it that it’s perfectly acceptable to pull ourselves down and make ourselves feel yuck? Well I declare war on it, it’s not cool, cute, endearing or any other cute term for self deprecating, to put yourself down. It ends here people. Enough.

I have learnt over this time to appreciate the Non Scale Victories as much as the Scale victories, this week I have noticed:

  • My clothes look better
  • A friend told me I looked really different
  • I can wear a smaller sized top
  • My jeans that were tight look like boyfriend jeans they are so baggy
  • I worked out every day this week
  • I did a class, something I’ve always been afraid of
  • I was given chocolate on Wednesday and it’s still in the cupboard now

I don’t expect to see the scale move in the right direction this week at all, my food has not been the greatest today and yesterday but I have had a good week for fitness and really that seems more important. My body is getting stronger, healthier, it shows in it’s shape and the tone of it. I can run faster and further than I could before but I put myself down because he scale just isn’t moving.

Not long ago I considered 1lb a bit pathetic, I have MASSES to lose afterall and so why couldn’t I do more than a pound? Well because I could do everything right and still not lose weight, it’s as simple as that. Bodies do what they feel is best for you at the time, I have to trust mine to do the right thing for me, take care of the food and exercise and the rest will follow when it’s best. A lb is actually quite a lot really, it looks gross when you see it. It has taken me 10 years to gain this weight, I’m not going to lose it all in one year, I get that, this is a lifetime effort now to get healthy and stay healthy.

I haven’t been eating the best, I had a takeaway, we’ve eaten a lot of carby food this week and not enough protein based stuff. I will try harder and be more careful next week. I have to be, it’s my health after all but I’m going to stop counting calories and worrying about eating enough. I will eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m not. I’ll stick to the principles of Slimming World and I will be accountable for what I eat. I have no idea what monday night weigh in will bring but I’ll try my best to take it as an indicator not a destination.

Remember to take your own journey, and no more putting yourself down, it really really is the worst thing you can do for yourself.


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A few congratulations to say today, well done to Amy over at Lifes a Journey with a Smile who ran her first 5k this weekend, and to other people I know including Cassie, Mark, Steve, Terry, Jackie, and another Steve who ran Half Marathons this weekend and did them justice! Well Done all of you!

2 thoughts on “Running Your Own Race

  1. It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is his/her own and everyone has his/her own unique challenges. A lot of people tell me that they wish they could lose as much weight as I have, and in the same breath I tell them that I wish I could have as much control over my emotional eating as they do.

    I think this is one of the hardest things about reading/writing weight loss blogs: it’s a great system of support, but at one point or another we all compare ourselves to others. It may be competitive in nature, like you said, or just natural frustration – it sucks when it feels like you’re giving your all and not seeing the results that someone else sees with the same effort.

    When we first get started, the numbers on the scale are almost always our main focus, but eventually I think that NSVs become just as (if not more) important than the numeric losses.

    Your NSVs are amazing, and you should be super proud of all you’ve done so far – on and off the scale! :)

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