Thankful Friday

I guess summer is over and new beginnings are around again, the start of school for many, and for us, the start for a search for a school. We have until the end of this year to chose a school for Charlie. He’ll be attending a state primary, hopefully within walking distance, we have 4 to chose from where we currently live.

I am thankful for this summer. It’s healed me in so many ways. I thought I would be begging for nursery to start by now but actually I feel very very sad that my little man will be going 9-12 every day to pre school. I’m going to miss our morning routine, miss cuddles and will be spending the year preparing him for school which is an even worse prospect! Don’t get me wrong, for Charlie, nursery is stupendous, he loves it there, enjoys every second, and I think he will just love school with uniform and routine. He spent the day in a reception class once when I was working and slotted in very nicely.

I usually am not a huge summer girl, I’m big so it’s uncomfortable at times but this year I have embraced it, loved being with my child and spent my time enjoying having a life without the pressure of trying to be everything to everyone. Releasing the pressure of working nearly full time so that I could be free to be a mother properly has been such a healing thing for me, I’ve talked about Charlie and my bond before and I feel this has cemented our friendship and built on solid foundations a proper bond that will last forever.

I welcome September, I welcome falling leaves, falling leaves, winter sunshine and I take that it will come with cold and rain as well. Charlie and I are great though and will weather the winter with more adventures and activity. I’ve loved documenting our time too. Shoestrings and doing things is doing well and growing in readership.

This summer has been a turning point and long may it continue.

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