Weekend Loveliness

I have had the most lovely weekend. There have been negative things going on, I have been a little poorly, I have had sore back, neck, legs, hips etc, I spent Friday night alone, Charlie had a nightmare, I didn’t sleep well and have felt tired all weekend. Those things mean absolutely nothing really. I don’t care about any of them. Last year they would have dragged me down so much I would have begged my husband to stay home and laze around. Officially today I can say I am changing.

I saw family on Saturday, my parents returned from their holiday and we laughed together for ages, about their semi disastrous holiday, about life, snow and with Charlie. He’s been such an amazing boy this weekend, full of love and cuddles and humour. Even things that normally would bother him haven’t.

Today we risked icy roads to go and show Charlie what really snow is, it’s the first time we have seen snow like this in Devon in around 17 years so it’s not likely it’s going to happen every year! We went sledging, drove over the snow-covered moors, played snow balls. He loved it even as his cheeks went blue and he slipped all over. I slipped over too. We laughed so much. Drove around challenging roads with beautiful views.

I baked two batches of cupcakes which came out brilliantly, I am so pleased with them, I’m learning the skills so quickly. I have 11 cupcake recipes to do and I have completed that section of the book! I’m a bit dubious about a couple of them, most of all Lavender Cupcakes – I hate all things lavender, smell and taste particularly, so I may skip that one. Also the pumpkin ones will wait until October when pumpkin is in season.

This weekend was wonderful. Here’s to next weekend.

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