Tough Day to be Positive

Today has been an amazingly tough day on my family. I won’t go in to everything because it’s personal to us but it’s been a hard day to be positive. However after lengthy discussions there is a glimmer of hope and that’s all we can hold on to right now because we are feeling pretty bleak. Maybe a bit of a bleak shock is what we need. Maybe it will finally force us to move on from things that happened to us years and years ago. My eyes hurt from crying, and my heart hurts because I know this is agonising for my husband too. I don’t like him to feel pain, especially when I am inflicting it.

We can’t change them, now we have to change the year ahead of us. On Monday I will start working on my body and continue working on my mind. I am actually looking forward to it as I have been feeling so sluggish recently and it has to be lack of diet and lack of good nutritious food. I’m emotional too which is another sign I am not getting enough good stuff.

The past is full of muddy waters, pain, hurt, and dulled sparkle, it’s hiding all the good things so here’s to 2010, time to progress past the past.

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