Snow Day

Today has been a snow day for me. I got the man off to work and the boy off to nursery but had to abandon the car! The road was just like a sheet of ice. I saw 4 cars slide down the hill so decided not to attempt it especially as I had the wee one with me.

Nursery remained open, with a pretty much one to one ratio on staff to child with the so few turning up. Charlie had a great day although he did misbehave. We chatted about it and think we have given him the tools to handle it better next time. He looks to do things “right” all the time, but doesn’t really understand there may be a number of “right” ways to do things.

I have been pondering a few things today. Actually my mum. I was looking at her facebook page contemplating whether I should delete her or not. I decided I couldn’t but I could move on from her. I have come to the conclusion that her only link to me will be biological. She can’t wish me a Merry Christmas, can’t wish her grandson a Happy Birthday, I’m not holding my breath for one for me either. I cannot change my mother, I don’t think she can either, but I can change me, I can change how I react to her lack of interest and impact on my life. So here I am not caring. Moving on because I’ve got this far without her, why do I care? I have all the love and beauty around me I need. She doesn’t add to that, contribute at all to my life. People who don’t contribute don’t count. I think, however clichéd it may be, I had abandonment issues. I don’t any more. I am totally focussed on those who love me, even from afar, and those who I love. Definitely a recommendation.

Speaking of contributing I have started to add some pictures to Flickr and it’s really giving me a buzz. I’m not addicted but I can see it won’t be long! It’s so much about contributing and what you get in return. Comments make me smile, that someone has liked my art, how I composed it, how I lit it or just what I managed to capture. I was got in to it by a friend, she contributes too and she blogs too.

In other news husband and I came up with an idea the other day. We are going to set short term targets for ourselves. Every Friday we will come up with 2 targets each (to start with) for the week. I think it’s important for us to set things that are small and attainable, it’s one of the happiness project rules plus it’s a “SMART”  (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) style target that we can actually document making it easy to track and to make the target accountable.  So that’s Friday, weekly targets. Then there is the 1st of the month. We will set several month long targets. I think maybe between 2 and 3 targets will be enough. Again accountable and smart. I would really love to be able to see our progress week on week.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

Edmund Hillary.

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