Best of 2009: Social web moment.

Well this one is easy. This year I holidayed with 4 other couples who I met online.

We “met” a long time ago on a website called babyworld. It’s a website for those trying to conceive (TTC), who are pregnant (PG) or who have children, or care for children. It has it’s own little language of acronyms and it’s a big community.

When I was lucky enough to fall pregnant I joined the “December 2006 antenatal group”. It was a revelation. I met women all due at the same time as me and I was so lucky, they turned out to be bloody lovely. We shared so much, niggles, scares, losses, and eventually the joy and wonder that the birth of our beautiful babies brought to us. We have now long time relationships. We have been friends since we were pregnant, our children are just turning 3, so that’s nearly 4 years.I have met many of the members of that club and 2 members from outside of that safe little place. One lives locally and has become a good friend. We have had parties, roast dinners, and jacuzzi’s together.

In May I met the most lovely people, Mandy, Clair, Ann, and Jude, with their children and some of their partners. They are outstanding company, beautiful inside and out, fun, witty, and I will always care deeply for all of them and their families. We stayed in a house together, just mooched about, had the “odd” glass of vino, and laughed loads. The kids did so well together. Only a few niggles. Am beginning to think that communal living is the way forward lol.

I was terrified going to meet those people, felt sick on the drive there, but as soon as the first arrival (Ann) walked through the door I relaxed. It was a bit of a turning point for me, I learnt how much fun inviting people in to your life is, it’s made me go out more, make more effort to be with my friends, to invite them in, be honest with them. I have good people around me I just keep people who aren’t family at a distance. The holibobble made me consider that I was missing out on a lot.

I hope we can repeat the process again this year. It was such fun. More Dancing Queen VGL, Posh Bird, Driving Miss Daisy, and The Hustler please in 2010.

I guess my lesson learning is opening up might be a process but it’s beautiful in the end.

This blog post is part of the Gwen Bell Blog Challenge: Best of 2009.

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